The humble hashtag, once upon a time it was used to indication a number. For example #75, or to depict curse words - $%###$!!, but now everyone across the social networks is adding them to status updates. #theymustbecrazy, #idontunderstand, #wouldsomeonepleaseexplain

Twitter has been using hashtags for years, and more recently Facebook introduced them. You can also use them on youtube and Google+. Yes, the humble hashtag is becoming more mainstream.

What can a hashtag do for your business?

Connects your business with potential customers

Search social channels with keywords pertinent to your business. You will discover users who have tagged their updates with hashtags. You can interact with directly by using an @ symbol and their user name or by use of the hashtag they use. You might just even find a new client.

Makes your business searchable

Hashtags allow your prospects to find you online. A simple hashtag can lead your target audience directly to your post.

For example:

If I you are a make-up artist pushing your brand over Facebook or Twitter instead of just posting “Book your wedding make-up trial today and get 20 per cent off the total price. You would add a hashtag to the end #weddingmakeup or perhaps post… “20 percent off #bridalmakeup when you book a trial today #weddings.

Now anyone searching for bridal make-up or weddings will come across your post and if they’re not searching for themselves may pass it on to a friend.

Generates conversation

Corporate conferences are now using hashtags as a way to generate online conversations about seminars, speakers and events. It’s a good way for attendees to discuss what they’re learning at the conference and for event management teams to get authentic feedback. Advertisers are also using them in TV and radio commercials to generate online discussions about their products and services. Eg McDonalds use phrases like #Imlovinit As hashtags gain popularity, we guarantee you’ll see them being used more and more.

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