1. Believe in yourself.

Don’t panic, you’ve come up with great ideas before you can do it again. Grab a piece of paper and write down everything that comes to mind no matter how random. It may trigger an idea.

2. Pretend you’re a customer.

Ask yourself what you’d want to know about your business if you knew absolutely nothing about the industry in which you work. Write a blog answering each question.

3. Crowd source.

Why do all the thinking for yourself? Post the question on your social media outlets and wait for your Facebook or Twitter followers to put their two cents worth in.

4. Ask a guest to blog for you.

Find someone or related to your industry to write a guest blog on the topic of their choice.

5. Search trending topics in a Google.

Hot searches on Google will give you a good indicator of what everyone on the internet is talking about and searching for.

6. Use predictive search for Google or YouTube.

Start typing in one idea and both Google and YouTube will automatically give you a list of other suggestions which might inspire a few ideas.

7. Get inspiration from reviews on eBay and shopping sites.

Look at reviews from similar products or services you are selling and address feedback or comments made online in a blog.

8. Visit forums.

Find out what internet forums are talking about, address questions posted in these groups and turn it into a blog or a social media post.

9. Listen to podcasts.

Find podcast related to your industry and set aside some time to listen to a few. It’s a great way to generate ideas.

10. Outsource to a professional.

Far too busy to worry about coming up with your own ideas, contact XDesigns who have the creative tenacity to conjure up content for you.

11. Visit a blog idea generator.

Google blog idea generator and add in three keywords you’d like your blog to be about and it will think of the ideas for you, then you just have to write them.