It’s a terrifying thought, but we’re already on the slippery slope towards 2016. Scream all you like in protest, but it won’t be long before you need to re-evaluate your marketing strategies for the coming year. 2015 has been a big year for ensuring your website is mobile-friendly and has focused heavily on content marketing, so what can we expect for 2016?

We’re not psychic, but if the current trends are anything to go by, this is what you can expect to be popular.

The Customer Experience

Streamlining your complete customer experience will become a key focus. Undercutting your competitors on price simply won’t be enough. With prospective clients have access to online shopping across the globe, it’s essential your customer experience is fine-tuned to be simple, speedy and keeping the customer informed every step of the way.

A customer who has experienced unfaultable service will be more likely to recommend your products or service to friends and family, via social media or word of mouth, reviews online or even an unprompted testimonial on your social media page.

Content Marketing

The trend of content marketing is here to stay. It’s always been a highly successful strategy and been around a lot longer than you probably realise. It’s a way of providing information to enhance the customer experience, cultivate your brand and is a proven way of developing longer lasting relationships with your customer – long after they’ve purchased your product or service. If you are not sure you are using content marketing correctly or want to branch out into this marketing avenue, call the team at XDesigns, we’re happy to give your company a marketing makeover.

Images are key

The old adage ‘A picture speaks a thousands words’ is true, especially online. Most people want things fast…fast food, fast internet and the facts without having to read lots of text. The more images, infographics and video clips you use on your website, brochures and catalogues the better. The days of text-heavy content are gone, if people are interested in reading more provide links where they can discover more information on your website.

Automated email marketing

Many companies are still yet to get onboard with automated email marketing. You would be surprised at just how much time a software programme like ActiveCampaign or InfusionSoft could save you, but as we sail towards 2016, more businesses will be adapting to the advances in technology. Imagine being able to automate your marketing strategies to update your contact database every time a new customer emails you, or send an automated response when a purchase is made online.

Don’t put off until tomorrow, what you can do today. Pick up the phone and stay ahead of the marketing curve in 2016 . For anything else marketing or graphic design related, we are here to help.