Life is busy enough without having to constantly monitor your email. So how do you ensure you don’t miss out on prospective business without being glued to your computer? The answer comes in the form of innovative marketing software called ActiveCampaign.

Let’s take a brief overlook at how automated email marketing could help you work smarter, not harder. You’ll be surprised just how much work you do can be automated with the right software.

Automated campaigns

You can set up your campaigns to an autopilot function, Whenever you update your website with a new sales promotion or even just a blog update, Activate Campaign will automatically produce dynamic content which can be sent out to your database. You can also automate contact date, schedule follow-ups and even text messages.

Smart contacts that update automatically

No need to endless update your database content when Active Campaign can extract contacts automatically from e-commerce, CRMS and customer service software.

Email that does the thinking for you

Individualise your email content to reflect your contact’s social media data, search engine habits and their day-to-day interests.

Social media updates that don’t rely on your monitoring your Facebook timeline 24/7

Schedule social media posts to trigger when a contact shares your content and view all the interactions on your campaign as they happen.

Get notified when you have to take action

As the campaign automates itself you will receive real-time announcements when you need to to touch base with contacts and follow up.

Once Active Campaign is set up and you have a series of campaign strategies in place, you can now concentrate on more important things, while it works in the background.

If automating your email marketing system is something your company could be interested in call the team at XDesigns for a no-obligation free quote.

Alternatively if you have decided you can no longer function without this software and can’t wait until you’re not tied to your desk, XDesigns Advertising can help you with set-up, marketing campaigns and graphic design to take your business marketing to the next level.