We’ve all heard the expression outsourcing, but what exactly does it mean? Basically, it’s when one company hires another business to perform work on their behalf.

So instead of having a graphics department or using a marketing agency where promotions may run behind schedule and cost exceed your budget, your organisation might decide to outsource its art work to another company specialising in graphic design. For example; if you wanted to design flyer and posters for your next promotion, you would outsource, rather than employ a full-time designer or expensive agency.

Outsourcing is a smart, invaluable resource. So what are the benefits of outsourcing your graphic design needs?


It’s not the only reason, but it’s certainly one of the major factors. At first the initial cost of outsourcing might seem to be expensive, but you have to look at the whole picture. For what it would cost you to set up top quality computers; graphic, web design and virus software plus upgrades. If you are currently using a marketing or advertising agency, be sure to shop around. independent graphic designer will be able to offer you a much more competitive price.


Good outsourcing companies have resources to start jobs immediately. Their staff specialise in their niche so the quality end product is delivered to you much more quickly than if it were handled it in-house . By the time you advertised, interviewed, hired and trained the right person, with right graphic designer, the job would already be completed and on your desk.

Less Stress

Focus on what you specialise in. If your business offers services from automotive to zoo keeping, outsourcing your graphic design needs can allow you to concentrate on what you excel at. Instead of slaving in front of a computer attempting to design a flyer, write a catchy headline or crop an image, you could reduce your stress by leaving the design aspect to a professional graphic designer.

Competitive Pricing. Companies who try do everything themselves end up spending more on improvements, advertising, and distribution, all of which are passed on to clients. Designating your print or web design project to a skilled designer will enable you to lower your overheads, therefore allowing you to offer a more competitive price to your customers and increase profit.

Improve Quality.

Outsourcing your design projects to professionals who specialise in their field will guarantee a professional result. Not to mention, familiarity with market trends and can help you refine your ideas to get the message across to your target audience.

Decrease risks.

Every business venture has some level of risk - market fluctuations, competitors, government regulations, economic conditions, and forever changing technology. Outsourcing companies handle this risk for you, and given they are experts in their area, are able to decide best how to avoid these risks.