Typography is an art which takes time to perfect. While there are no hard and fast rules to adhere to, there are some basic principles you should keep in mind. Font selection is not about choosing your favourite typeface at the moment. The best artwork in the world -be it a corporate newsletter, tri-fold brochure, website or business card can be ruined by using the inappropriate font. So with over absolute tens of thousands of font families and hundreds of weights and styles, how on earth do you choose?

There are several essential elements to consider when considering typography.

  1. It has to be easy to read. With all the funky, artsy fonts which can look awesome with their jagged edges or flamboyant swirls, it’s imperative to choose one that is easily readable. Visually appealing artwork services no purpose if it’s illegible. Keep it simple.
  2. Is your text for the web or print? Despite the thousands of font families available, only a small selection is deemed to be web safe (i.e.: will appear correctly on most computers). Googling web safe fonts is the quickest way to find a list of types you can use without its appearance being altered.
  3. The font you select for a modern dance poster will invariably be different than if you were designing a brochure for a government department. Think about your client and their target audience before making a decision.
  4. Don’t use a potpourri of fonts. It is advisable to stick to just one or two different fonts which complement each other. A jumble of diverse fonts and styles can make your design seem unprofessional.
  5. Size does make a difference. Font size needs to big enough to read effortlessly, but not so huge that the reader finds it annoying. If the type is too small, it can be straining on the eyes for extensive paragraphs.
  6. Select a front with an appropriate positioning for the letters. Some fonts with unequal spacing can make reading more challenging.
  7. Consider utilising the services of a graphic design studio. Their expertise will guarantee you professional results and essentially save you time and money.