The end of the year is catapulting towards us at an alarming rate of knots. It’s only a week until Christmas and it seems like only yesterday we were mentally making New Year resolutions for 2013. While making your resolutions to drink less and lose weight, you should be making resolutions for marketing strategies in 2014 because if you fail to plan for your business, you plan to fail. Not sure what kind of resolutions to make? We’ve put together a list a list of 5 resolutions just to get you started.

1. Become tech savvy

Yes, we’re talking to you, the ones who are still operating dinosaur computer systems, still think faxing is the only way to send documents and still use dial-up internet because you see any reason why your company should pay any extra for the internet. It’s time to move into the era of technology with mobile phone compatible websites and social networks

2. Try visual marketing

A picture paints a 1000 words and what better way to help your business go viral than posting social media content your prospective clients can forward with a push of a button. In the last year Instagram and Pinterest have become more increasingly popular and with Snapchat quickly becoming one of the most downloaded apps.

3. Refine your social media skills

No doubt if you have Facebook or twitter you’ve mastered the art of sharing photos, sharing links and updating your status. Make 2014 the year that you focus on creating content that encourages your clients to interact with you. All it takes is for one person to like or comment on one of your posts and all their friends will see it on their newsfeed.

What is content marketing?

4. Focus on content marketing

Create interesting blogs that offer solutions to prospective clients problems, free ebooks and ensure you have a vibrant youtube channel.

5. Get help

If you’d love to put a plan for 2014 in place and don’t know where to start or need assistance taking your content marketing or website to the next level, talk to the XDesigns Advertising team today.